Introducing TaylorMade's Latest Game-Changers: The P•UDI and P•DHY

In the realm of golf equipment, TaylorMade Golf stands as an emblem of innovation and performance. With each release, they push the boundaries of what's possible, striving to enhance the game for players of all skill levels. Now, they've unveiled their latest marvels: the P•UDI and P•DHY, two utility irons set to revolutionise the top end of your bag.

Crafted for Performance

The P•UDI and P•DHY represent the pinnacle of versatility and precision engineering. Designed to cater to golfers ranging from seasoned professionals to eager novices, these irons offer a seamless fusion of power and control.

A Seamless Integration

One of the defining features of the PUDI and PDHY is their integration into TaylorMade's esteemed PSeries family. Drawing inspiration from extensive research and player feedback, these utility irons seamlessly complement existing PSeries products, ensuring a consistent feel and performance throughout your set.

Tailored Performance

While the P•UDI and P•DHY share a common lineage, each possesses unique characteristics tailored to suit different playing styles. The PUDI, with its moderate sole width and compact head size, delivers piercing trajectory and exceptional forgiveness, making it the ideal choice for players seeking maximum control.

On the other hand, the PD•HY features a slightly wider sole and a forgiving design, allowing for effortless launch and versatility from various lies. Its optimised centre of gravity ensures a higher ball flight, making it a formidable weapon for attacking pins with precision and confidence.

Innovative Technologies

Beneath their sleek exteriors, the P•UDI and P•DHY house a myriad of cutting-edge technologies aimed at elevating your performance on the course. From an internal weighting structure to a forged hollow body construction, each component is meticulously engineered to deliver enhanced forgiveness, consistency, and feel.

Performance Unleashed

When it comes to on-course performance, these new clubs leave nothing to chance. Through extensive testing and refinement, TaylorMade engineers have fine-tuned these irons to deliver optimal trajectories and spin rates, ensuring the ability to shape shots and hold greens with ease.

Tour-Inspired Design

Both boast a contemporary design marked by a pearl satin finish and a striking black ridge across the middle. Crafted in collaboration with Tour players, these irons exude confidence at address, inspiring players to unleash their full potential with each swing.

Available Now

Excited to add these game-changers to your arsenal? The P•UDI and P•DHY are now available at retail, ready to take your game to new heights. With a range of loft options and custom fitting choices, you can personalise your setup to suit your unique preferences and playing style.