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To build a professional coaching and retail business calls for best practice business systems, proven marketing strategies and merchandising know-how. And in today’s competitive market, you need every profit-boosting advantage. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all alone. That’s where we come in.


Started by Golf Professionals for Golf Professionals

Our founding members - a group of 12 like minded golf professionals - established On Course Golf in 1987 to pool their resources, support each other and secure better deals and margins for their businesses. That's important.


It means we get it. We understand you and your customers. We understand the realities of running your business. And we know how to help maximise your profits, while minimising your workload. Today, we're the largest member services and golf buying group in the country, with over 210 members at public, private and semi-private golf clubs and ranges across Australia.

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