Price Match T&Cs

Price Match Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of Use

1. Offer valid on our in store or online prices.

2. Applies to advertised prices in Australian dollars from domestic retailers, online and in store.

3. Applies to competitor's final price inclusive of any taxes.

4. The price match does not apply to delivery fees, if any.

5. Products must be exact-match products that are new, factory sealed, and subject to manufacturer's warranty in Australia

6. Products must be stocked items only, available for immediate shipment.

7. Excludes prices from overseas websites and retailers.

8. Excludes products part of stock liquidations, clearance sales, advertising errors or misprints, commercial quantities, bonus offers, coupons, or cash back offers.

9. Excludes products and pricing on marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree, Facebook, and Amazon.

10. If our in store or online price, in your opinion, does not match that of a competitors we may

(a) require evidence of the competitor's price by a stamped photo / link to the competitor's price; and

(b) defer the proposed sale transaction for a short reasonable time to verify that all terms and conditions herein have been satisfied and before offering a matching price.

The terms and conditions of our Price Match Guarantee are subject to change without notice..