Club Fitting



Elevate your game today with tailored 

clubs built just for you!


 Purchase a qualifying product and receive a FREE custom club fitting from our certified PGA professionals.


 Simply look for the custom fit icon on the product page to see if it qualifies. 

Your clubs could be working against you.

Using the wrong or off-the-shelf clubs can negatively influence your swing and lead you to form bad habits.


Custom-fit clubs are built to your height, technique and skill level.

They will improve your game and save you countless hours of frustration on the course.


Get a free fitting when you purchase a qualifying product.

No One Size Fits All


Your swing is as unique as your fingerprint and what works
for one player may not work for your. 


By ensuring you have the right clubs suited to your gameplay,
you're investing in your success on the course.

More consistency


More consistent results mean more good shots,
fewer costly errors, and improved scores. 


Gain confidence in your game.

More distance & better accuracy


Information on your speed, strength, and angle helps customise
a club that yields the best possible distance for your swing speed.