Get Fitted


Beginner Golfer

If Golf is new to you but you are keen to make it into a regular leisure activity then a custom club fitting will provide you with a solid beginning. As a beginner, you may feel that you are not yet good enough for a professional club fitting, but we can start your enjoyment of the game quicker.


Mid Handicap Golfer

If you’re a mid handicap golfer you’re no doubt striving towards reducing to a single digit handicap. But you could be struggling with inconsistencies in your game which are holding you back. This is where a custom golf club fitting from On Course Golf can help.



Low Handicap Golfer

A custom club fitting with On Course Golf can help the single handicap and Professional Golfer fine-tune their clubs so they can improve their scorecard even further. Custom Fitting has seen many satisfied customers improve their accuracy and technique simply by having correctly fitted clubs