Gaming Tip of the Month – AUGUST

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Hi Lee, I have two hybrids in my bag that look more like irons than woods (TaylorMade GAPR). I’m struggling to get a consistent strike on these, often going low and left or high and right. Really struggle to find the sweet spot. How do I get a consistent strike with hybrids – do I approach them like a fairway wood or a medium iron? Kevin in Melbourne

Thanks for your question. The TaylorMade GAPR can be a fantastic asset to your bag, if used correctly.
Hybrids need to be played like a mid-to-long iron, not a fairway wood, where the goal is to sweep the ball from the fairway. The hybrid performs best with a downward blow. The next time you’re out practicing, work on brushing the grass when you hit the ball. This will help to create solid impact and get the ball heading towards your intended target. you’ll be the envy of your golfing mates!

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